The agony and well, more agony. Nonfiction Book Proposals

The fun part is over. The zombies are sitting patiently in a corner waiting for me to get the next step done before their world domination: the nonfiction book proposal. I swear this is worse than NaNo. :P For the months I've researched online and in books on how to craft a witty yet professional proposal and balled up paper in a corner with tear-stained rough drafts of overviews and query letters hiding under my desk with only crackers and flat diet Coke to sustain me yet I only have the Chapter Outline and Query letter done (which rocks outloud).

Writing a humor book proposal is a different beast from the others, obviously. There are only a few ways to become an expert on zombies and I'm loathe to take the final step so that part of the proposal will remain undead. Marketing for zombies is growing, however, with the influx of new zombies sites on the Internet (god love 'em, these people are twisted) so expect me at a few Zombie Walks across the country looking for lonely Hell's Handmaidens to give some advice. My target audience spans the Undead, romance addicts, stalkers and people with a sense of humor that's a bit off the charts. I think I nailed it. ;)

Anyone out there with advice on how to write a humor nonfic proposal? Heeeeelp!


  1. Wow, the query letter to me is terrifying, but a full blown proposal. That petrifies me. I wish you the best of luck.

  2. Eesh, I wish I could help. I wouldn't have even thought that you would need a non-fiction proposal since, well... aren't zombies.... not real? But I see your point.

    Have you asked this on AW? I'm sure there are people who can help there.

  3. Thanks Noelle! I'm like a zombie in the headlights with this.

    Hoo: I haven't asked specifically about a humor proposal and there's nothing there. I've been winging it with general NF proposals but if this goes on much longer I'll bite the bullet and ask for help.

  4. Yikes! Wish I could help you out there. Have you looked up other NF humor writers. Perhaps posing this question to Max Brooks as well. (He has a website.) Good luck!!

  5. I know nothing. But I wish you well! You rock, and I know you can whip out something great.