New goals post-Nano - who wants to be famous?

While I'm waiting for the NaNo buzz to die down and give myself space from the zombies (I started editing yesterday and discovered I'm bloody brilliant - a sure sign I need to step away), I'm headed back to short stories. My back up plan was to roll out short ghost stories to fill in the rest of the 50k if/when zombies fell short. Well, the little buggers over-performed and I'm left with some awesome ideas itching to claw their way out of my brain.

Hmmm, what should I start on first? The one with the most comments gets chosen and Vyolette will choose one of those people to be in the story. Who's in?

  • Haunted barn
  • Plane crash
  • Hotel - kid's story
  • Sleepwalking
  • Lighthouse
  • Haunted objects
  • Seance
  • Tarot
  • Mad Anthony Wayne (colonial ghost)
  • Shipwreck off S. Carolina coast
*Deadline - December 8th*


  1. I'm all about Hotel. But I was a morbid kid.

  2. Well my choice would have to be sleepwalking!

  3. Shipwreck sounds fascinating. :)

  4. Ooh, lighthouse! Very spooky. ;-)


  5. I know I'm not helping. I was thinking plane crash or seance.

  6. LOL, I have a feeling I should have narrowed the choices. ;)

  7. Lighthouse! Lighthouse! Have you ever seen when the Ghosthunters investigate a lighthouse? Almost all of them are dripping with ghosts...except, ironically, the one here in CT that's closest to me. At the New London lighthouse Jay & Grant ended up so bored they ended up dropping some lines and night fishing off the dock to pass the time.

  8. Had to thrown in the girls' votes as well:

    Rowyn - plane crash
    Syenna - shipwreck
    Wynter - Hotel
    Lily - Hotel
    Vyolette - GOATS! (she's not quite getting the whole "ghost" thing)

  9. They all sounds good, but as the surly ex-Navy guy, I've got to vote for the shipwreck. Arrr. :-)