Erma Bombeck Writing Competition 2010

I just finished watching Julie & Julia this weekend and I can relate. Not to the obsessive foodie schtick Julie was doing but to the tiny bit of hero worship Julie had toward Julia Child. Heck, who couldn't love a gregarious 6ft woman who made the process of cooking funny and relatable? While Erma wasn't quite 6ft, she did bring the plight of the housewife under a glaring and hilarious spotlight for years. My favorite columns included toasting herself with a cocktail for having another "no baby" month and picking a baby pacifier out of the garbage, covered in coffee grounds, only to rinse it off and give it back to Junior. Seriously. This woman taught me a healthy portion of how to handle raising five daughters (and not a therapy bill in sight for them or me).

So it is with great affection that I faithfully enter the Erma Bombeck Writing Competition for the last few years. Do I win, no. Come close. Not even. But every time I enter (it was my very first competition as a professional writer) it reminds me that I'm writing for an audience of folks very much like myself - real, struggling, imperfect people that laugh during the hard times and embrace the good times with gusto.

So, who's with me?

Competition starts: January 4, 2010
Cost: free
Length: 450 words or less
Theme: Humor or Human Interest

For more information on how to enter, click on the link above and good luck!


  1. Now would I let you get hip deep in all those punchlines all by yourself? I don't think so. I'm in. I'm not sure what I'll use for bait, but I'm in.

  2. Warm up those keyboards, it's almost time to rumble! Seriously, warm up your computer. You don't want to catch cold before the Erma deadline. ;)

  3. I would love to join you in this competition. I do have a small problem though: I'm Dutch. My English is quite good (if I may say so myself) but it could do with some help and maybe some editing.
    When I join, would you be my editor (do you have time for that with 5 daughters?!) I would be very much obliged :-) and will be happy to return the favor in a social-media sort of way.

  4. Hey there! I'd be happy to help where I can. Write me at stacey.i.graham AT and we can discuss what you need. :)