Writer goodies

I love me a good planner. I collect the darn things with every intention of filling in every minute with thoughtfully planned out activities, seamlessly meshing family life with writing life. Many fall by the wayside due to boxes too small to fit in my fabulous schedule with my huge flowery handwriting but I still endeavor to find the *perfect* one. Besides, what fun would it be to give up the hunt? ;)

Here's a few of my current favorite finds online, what's your favorite kind of notebook? Slimline? Fat Daddy? Voice recorder? Electronic?

The Ergonizer Deluxe merges my dream of a white board with my monitor. I have reoccurring dreams of 10' wide white boards with fruity scented markers covering the walls of my office. Then the kids show up and draw lifesized outlines of the dog, right over scene 14. GAH. Okay, it's not a "planner" but this thing would be a lifesaver for plotting!

Etsy.com is a fabulous place to support your fellow creatives. I'm whipping out my credit card for this 4x6" notecard binder for NaNo! And this re-purposed book makes a great sketchbook/journal. Mmmm mmmmm good.


  1. OK, good topic. Here's what I end up doing. I buy cool-looking planners or arty-farty ones and then I never use them.

    But that's a whole other problem, right?

  2. Problem -- obsession. Same thing. ;)

    I know of writers who stalk Office Depot for their back to school sales - and have no kids. Stupid smelly gel pens, gets us every time.