Time management for writers

Or as I like to think of it, "how not to f*ck away your time while the kids are busy."

Many writers struggle with the concept of sitting their butts down and facing the blinking cursor o'doom. Okay, we all do but it sounded more scholarly to not paint everybody with the same slacker brush. How the heck do you get those words down when facing a deadline?

  • Start keeping a log of how much time you're actually writing. Trust me, when you see how many times you're running to the fridge, vacuuming the house twice, breastfeeding the neighborhood children, etc to get out of writing, you'll be gobsmacked.
  • Get an obnoxiously large calendar to write down deadlines. Nothing like a date circled in pink to get you motivated.
  • Have a blog? Write down your own editorial calendar of topics on the calendar so when you sit down to fill up that blank blog, you'll have something to work with.
  • Keep a list. Ideas - deadlines - To do - whatever you want to categorize them as, lists can keep you on track and hold you accountable.
  • Post your goals. 500 words a day? 1667 for NaNo? Write it down and post it next to your computer/notebooks. That visual can boost your confidence that it's an attainable goal. On a message board or participating with a community of writers? Post it at the beginning of the month and report back at the end. Support from your peers can go a long, long way.
  • Put the writing books down. We love to read but those books can be a huge time sucker, taking away writing time while you "learn" the craft. They're not doing much good if you don't put them into practice, no?
  • Schedule your 'work' time. No facebook, no message boards, no laundry. Treat it like the job it is. ;)
What are some of your best tips?


  1. As well as posting goals, I make a nope of the previous two day's wordcounts.

    "Well, I managed X yesterday, no reason I can't do it again today."

    Adam (Adzmodeus on AW)

    (How have I not been following your blog already. BAH!)

  2. Heh, today's more of an "A if I'm lucky" day. ;-)


  3. But, but.. I can't stay away from Facebook! I have to admit, its become an addiction. Thanks for the tips!

    JLC - TurkeyLurkey from AW

  4. Hey there! Now why haven't we found each other on fb yet? That place is sweet, sweet madness, I tell you! ;)

    FB me on the Link Love, I'd love to see you there!