Promises promises--

Talking about writing is fun. Meeting other writers at Starbucks and going over plotlines is great fun but sitting down to do it with Mary Poppins blaring in the background and five kids to raise? Er, not so much. However, being the crazy pie-eyed optimist I am, I'm going to pull a true Gemini and reinvent myself: Stacey the actual-not-just-sometimes writer. What's more, I'm going to shelve the zombie novella and move on. DIE ZOMBIE!

Along with this new zombie-free writing mode comes a gig as a regular contributor for as my alter ego: Wynter Moon and an editorial position at Berryville Main Street helping small business to thrive is this crazy economy. Sounds like fun, eh? :)

Never fear, I'm still working on plotting out the shorts for NaNo! I believe I now have a haunted lighthouse, haunted hotel (kidlit), plane crash/forest haunting, and a lovely little ditty about my favorite Colonial rapscallion - Mad Anthony Wayne. Never heard of him? You will. ;)

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