Fickle Freelancing

Last month I was swamped with work. Three new blogging gigs, one website design and copy, copy editing and more copywriting, four websets and I was exhausted. Christmas week turned out to be me huddled at my desk sipping soy nog and looking like the ghost of Christmas Past when I took a break. The girls were busy with their new Wii and I managed to pull off a great Christmas dinner/birthday for Wynter but it did make me examine what goals I was aiming for. Was it worth it?

Things I've learned about freelancing for 2007:
- be careful what you wish for, you'll probably get it and then there's trouble
- budget your time wisely, know when to say "HELL no" then talk to them a week later ;)
- if you announce it, they will come
- your kids can be excellent fodder for last minute columns when you're coming up dry
- network your wee brains out, THIS is where you really get the work

This week I'm getting back to a normal workload. Looking for new markets, following up on old ones, sending out a query a day and blogging twice.

Pass the nog, I'm headed back in.

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