Get yer suckers here!

I have the unfortunate tendency to not only enter contests willy-nilly but also to bet certain nefarious writers who can: a)win or b)be published in that magazine first. My friend, Lisa, takes advantage of my better nature all the time with promises of pumpkin rolls and brownies. Not for me, naturally, for the kids.

This time the pumpkin rolls are up for finishing NaNoWriMo by December 1st. National Novel Writing Month is an insane semi-competition for writers to complete a 50k word novel in thirty days. I have no idea what loony thought this up but damned if we're not all buying the t-shirt. No really, I bought the stupid shirt. Parties, write-ins, assorted fallderall will accompany this month so look for me at a Borders huddled under a desk with a soy latte and a twitch.


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