October's ghosts

I still don't think I live in a haunted house, but even after the pop-up ghosts of the last few years, I'm definitely seeing a trend: fall and winter. Last night, around 1a, I woke up to see a yellow light roam across my bedroom ceiling as my dog barked at it. There were no passing cars, the moon (if there was one) was shuttered by the every-present fog we've had for the last week, and while I've been researching ghosts for a long time and never frightened -- this time shook me. I didn't get up to investigate. I didn't want to. Partly because it was 1-friggin-am, but also, what was I going to do with it? After replaying in my mind what I'd seen to rule out every possible mundane reason, I finally went back to sleep. Would there be more signs of a haunting or was it just a dream?

The girls emerged from their rooms this morning as foggy as the weather outside. Daughter 2 was tired from her alarm going off at 5:30a -- she'd never set it. Daughter 4 was tired because there was tapping on her window all night, just a breath away from her bed. Daughter 3 was cranky because of her sister snoring all night and keeping her awake but I don't think that has anything to do with ghosts, just allergies. 

We've been quiet for the last year, I wonder what it is about fall that makes my house ripe for a random haunting? All this talk of haunted dolls? The new house being built on the site of the '70s plane crash a mile from my house? That property has been bought and sold a dozen times in the eight years since we've lived here -- this is the first time that anyone has stayed long enough to build a home overlooking the Shenandoah Valley. We'll see how long they stick. 


  1. Perfect. I love you all year long, but I think I love you best in October!

    1. It seems to be my month, doesn't it? ;)

  2. I've got one in my flat that seems to like blues music on the radio.