I looked. I always look. Review of Haunted Stuff

Reviews are coming in from NetGalley on the ARCs (advanced reading copies) of Haunted Stuff and I couldn't be more excited. I've had my share of good and bad reviews, so I breathe into a paper bag for a few minutes and then take a peek when my publicist sends them. They tell you not to look -- I always look. Sometimes I'm thrilled that the reader connected with the book and enjoyed the hours we spent together while other times I stare at the wall and tell myself to never ever write again for the good of humanity. It's a toss-up. 

This review from NetGalley yesterday makes it all worth it. Thank you, reviewer!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars 
I found this book to be extremely well written and interesting. I really enjoyed that the objects discussed are not all things that are included in just about every ghost story book. It was fresh and new in a lot of ways. I read through the entire book in about a day. It really kept my interest. I also enjoyed the way that the writer drew the reader into the past with her story telling. All in all this is a great book for those who like ghost stories and history.