Zombie Tarot: Halloween Spread

Who's ready for a new tarot spread? Raise your hand or the one you have in a bucket by the front door!
I give you the Zombie Tarot Halloween Spread 2013. I'll take that moaning as enthusiastic giddiness. 

Card 1: Question -- Why have you been dragged out of the grave?

Card 2: Root of the issue -- Voodoo priestess with a grudge or are you late in your alimony payments? Either way, you need to deal with the consequences of past decisions.

Card 3: What keeps returning that needs to be dealt with. Oy, she looks pissed.

Card 4: Present influences. If your friends were dropped into an unmarked grave, would you just follow them? Yeah. You probably would.

Card 5: Who can help you out of this pickle.

Card 6: What's the first step? Do you fight your way out of the feeding frenzy or axed to bits in the first ten minutes by a zombie hunter with delusions of grandeur? 

Card 7: Obstacles. Didn't see THAT one coming, did you, bucko? 

Card 8: Outcome. Cozy grave or carried off by stray dogs?

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  1. Don't all zombie hunters have delusions of grandeur?