Sock buns and séances

I'm in writing mode for Giving Up the Ghost, which is why I haven't been updating the blog as often as I should, however, you'll be happy to note that I dominated the cookie party with the cheap ploy of using a giant peacock-festooned book for presentation and boobie cookies. They didn't start out as boobie cookies, Pinterest calls them S'Mores on a Stick but by the end of the day -- they look like two boobs on a raft covered in chocolate. Thanks, Pinterest. The young men who arrived at the party chose these as their favorites.

I'm juggling haunted objects with a 50s-era séance this week. The séance will head into a compilation of awesomeness along with writers of the Haunted Mansion Writers' retreat from last September. They know not what they've asked. I'm bound to put a bit of silliness into their very accomplished feats of horror. Meh, it's a living.

Now that the girls are firmly ensconced at school and the weather is growing cooler, I'm in the writing groove full-time. Sexy librarian glasses, pencils, stray coffee cups and the ubiquitous sock bun are my staples. Yeah, I know you're thinking, "How can this babe be off the market?" Down boy, my husband has first dibs. 

As I head back into the cave, what are your winter writing staples?


  1. I would like to partake in these cookies.

  2. That could be arranged (or attacked if my phone had its way). :-)

  3. Access to a variety of music to write by is a staple for me...

    So the recipe went wrong, huh? Or right, depending on one's perspective...