Zombies and ghosts and NPR -- oh myyyy

It's been quite a week and I haven't even hit the eldest daughter's 17th birthday party on Saturday yet (yay cake!). I'm busy working on some new book proposals for my agent, Dawn, but stopped for a moment to listen to myself on NPR's Tell Me More program. Who was my lead in? Michelle Obama. I like to think she prepped the listening audience for me. Click here to read the official transcripts of my bit and hear my ridiculous speaking voice. No, they won't be asking me to man their pledge drive phones anytime in the future.

The UPS man loves me. Well, maybe not so much after dropping off heavy boxes twice this week. Once for my Zombie Tarot:

And today's shipment of The Girls' Ghost Hunting Guide:

I'm going to need a bigger office or have a giveaway soon.

WHEEEE! I feel a bit writerly all of a sudden. Where's my pipe and patched tweedy jacket?

So, how's your week going?


  1. Thanks for posting the link!

    The book looks good!

  2. I just pre-ordered the zombie tarot for my husband, he is a zombie fanatic! They look fabulous!