Zombie Zodiac

Stuck in the bowels of The Zombie Dating Guide was a sassy little number called the Zombie Zodiac. I've liberated it as a companion piece to ZDG to help the Undead find their perfect mate - or at least until the crows pick her apart.


The freewheeling half-dead Sag will definitely keep you guessing.  They can never stay in one place for long and have the tendency to wander off so get your passport ready to travel in search of this elusive lover.  You can bet if a Zombie Sag has heard about a human community ripe for the picking, they will lumber over as fast as their stumpy little legs can carry them to be a part of the party. 
One word sums up a Sag, and that one word is single minded determination.  Yes, I know that’s three words, shut up.  When they set their near-sighted sights on something or someone, not much can escape its path without a high-powered rifle.  Some call it devotion while others may label it stalking.  Depends on the attitude.  You can count on a Sag to see a project due to fruition, making them an excellent choice to go in first if you suspect Zombie hunters on the other side of a doorway.  Sags are not that bright and usually will not question your request for them to check out a poorly lit room in the back of the Guns-R-Us store, making them the perfect companion for late night Brain runs.

 So what's your sign, baby?


  1. Taurus baby! Love the Zombie Zodiac logo by the way!

  2. Thank you! I busted an old graphic designer move with that one. ;)

  3. Zombies seem to be going around, don't they?

    I love the bit about "tendency to wander off"... particularly if they've got the scent of fresh brains nearby.

    I'm an Aquarius.