Dragging out my soap box for PBS

Last week I felt the power of social media more than just being hit on over Twitter direct messages. I responded to PBS's open call for Washingtonians in my age group *cough* about why we trust PBS. How could I pass this up? After all, three of my four television channels are PBS and you know by now I'm a bit of a costume drama nut. Combine this with Antiques Roadshow UK and you've summed up my perfect evening.

I spoke to the director and after making the cut, I was called back to be filmed for a small segment of the next PBS commercial, to start airing mid-May on PBS stations and featured on the website. So -- what did I talk about for twenty minutes? I started with my own experience with PBS and how it has influenced my life with rich programming, different cultural perspectives and how I can finally get my husband to discuss Jane Austen without the use of force. I moved on to how PBS creates a community of like-minded individuals that put education and people first before prescription drug commercials and McDonald's soundbites. They trust us to stand up for programs that enrich our lives, not kill time. That's accountability, my friends.

Then I wrapped it up with five minutes on how I, as a parent, would like to see more programming spent on the next generation of PBS supporters: teenagers. PBSkids does an excellent job of those under eight -- now how about a little sumthin' sumthin' for my tweens and teens? Book clubs? Writing forums via their website? Science and math-based programs that inspire them to take the next step toward a career? These are the times that shape the goals of our young people -- give them the tools to make informed choices and trust that they'll use them benefit us all.

That's why I trust PBS.

Thank you for a lovely afternoon, Maryland Public Television and PBS!


  1. One more arm of the media conquered! Can't wait until it's posted online. :) I'll finally know what you sound like, LOL.

  2. You are SO awesome! I'm sure you rocked and I cannot wait to see you online!

    Also, I LOVE the new look. Love love love.

  3. WOOHOO!! And your teen idea is supah!