Inspiration and insidious Inception

I finally got around to watching Inception last night. Aside from waaaaaaaaaaay too many fight scenes and poignant top sequences, it did manage to plant the idea of where-the-heck-did-that-come-from in my brain... just as planned.

This morning I went over my short list of possible topics to write on for various publications and topping the list was "do zombies dream?" Then again, I also had one on the propensity of ghostly activity trapped within the stone walls of structures due to the magnetic content of the rock, and one on why I like cheese so much. Let's just say I'm eclectic.

Friends tell me inspiration strikes while they're in inconvenient places like the shower or in the car while driving with only a two-year-old to shout notes to. The only thing I'm doing in both of those places is singing bastardized zombie songs - though I don't have to change the words to Bad Romance - and I somehow manage to find inspiration through offhand Twitter remarks and at Food Lion deciding whether the family colon needs 9-grain wheat or if I can slip in some white bread without dire consequences. I know. Envy me.

What's next on your topic list? I'm going to spend the day thinking of the karmic consequences of Inception until my brain explodes. And cheese.


  1. I had that same sense of, "where the hell did THAT come from?" when I watched Inception too. :-) There are just some books and movies that are so far out there that you have to wonder where the creators found their inspiration. What drugs where they on? lol

    I was recently talking to a friend about story structure and in particular three-act story structure. As I was talking about it I compared it to the movie Inception, where you step down each layer of the dream world to get deeper and deeper into the subconscious of the story. I should write a blog post about it. :-)

  2. Inception...Yes. I do believe someone was dropping acid when they wrote the script.

  3. I haven't seen the whole movie, but I did see the theater trailer for Inception. Made me think a demolition crew was taking down M.C. Escher. But the thing bouncing through my mind is zombies and the Greenbrier. Mainly because I just wrote about the Greenbrier recently, and saw it the other night on a show about secret bunkers. I can't say more, except to hint that it involves office supplies and a ball-point pen gatling gun.

  4. Rebecca, I'd love to see that post. Inception is an excellent way to think of it!

    Beth: don't forget the rubber band ball grenade launchers. They can leave a mark.