Summertime blues

I promised myself I wouldn't go there and yet I still titled this post with a bad song. I'm sorry.

The girls are home for some god-awful amount of time before school starts again and my writing schedule is already in the crapper.

"Mooooooooooooooom! She hit me with a shoe just because I threw a broom at her head."

"I wouldn't have hit you if you hadn't panicked. It would have been a warning shot but you get all jumpy. And that broom hurt! It has bristles and stuff."

"That stuff was the Cheesenips you spilled in my bed."


So, I'm hiding out in my office and humming to myself in an effort to drown them out. I have a column, a zombie shortie and a 5k horror piece due tout suite though the twitch I've perfected isn't getting me any closer to completing these pieces. I'm also tacking on two new website/blog re-designs, a book launch party in DC with the Smithsonian/DK Publishing next week and, oh yeah, turning 42 on Sunday just to round out my schedule.

How is your summer shaping up? Any good books in the TBR pile?


  1. I hate it when I post, and it doesn't work. Anyway, you're gong to be in DC next week? I'd love to make it to your book launch! maybe I can make that happen!

    I just started reading MY NAME IS MEMORY by Ann Brashares, and so far...WOW.

    Let's see...this summer includes lots of camping and fishing and reading in the sun, my wedding's on July 1, our BBQ celebration is the 10th, we leave for SC on the 17th, and we're taking a long weekend in FL in August. Busy, but not hectic.

    Oh, and I WILL finish my WIP. I'm so close!

  2. That happens to me alllll the time on Blogger, April! grrrr.

    I should clarify, the book launch isn't for my book but for NATURAL HISTORY, put out by DK Pubs and the Smithsonian. I was just lucky enough to be invited for cocktails and nibbles. :) Trust me. When one of my books gets a launch there will be LOTS of advance notice for Margaritas on the Mountain (my house). ;)

    Congratulations on the wedding!